About the company

Jospel Llc. has produced labels since 1995. First we started with printed sticker labels by using printing technology based on heat. From 1996 we took into use new label printers that enable the usage of printing options based on thermal-transfer method and we started with the production of washable labels. It also added the possibility to produce labels with colour print.

In 1999 we expanded our capacity by getting a new label printer and since then we offer care labels and hang-tags with two-sided printing. The options of printing coloured labels also expanded.

In 2001 we purchased a special label weaving-loom and so grew essentially the assortment of labels we offer. Since then we also offer hot-cut and folded labels.

Most of woven labels we import from our partners.

In 2002 we implemented coloured labels printing technology. This added the option to print labels according to the colour tones suitable for the clients and to take into use new materials for label production. Today we can print labels with 4 colours with additional one colour print on the back side. The finishing of the labels can be done by using cold, hot or ultrasonic cutting and folding.

Jospel Llc. is granted authorization to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to use the Oeko-Tex mark product class I.


Saku 15, 11314 Tallinn
tel.: (+372) 655 6191
fax: (+372) 655 6191

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